Safety Solutions


We take machine safety very seriously. Hazard concerns, training, and risk assessments are just some of the reasons to contact us for our safety solutions. We monitor the latest ANSI and OSHA guidelines as well as the newest technologies to keep you well informed of your safety options.

• Safety Circuit Design
A safety circuit needs to be designed with considerations to machine function, operators, and the latest safety standards. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide design options that satisfy your machine safety needs.

• Machine Guards & Safety Fencing
We design, build, and install machine guards and fencing for your new and existing machines.

• Stop Time Measurement
One of the most important aspects of a proper safety solution is measuring the stop time of the hazardous machine operation. The accuracy of this measurement is a critical factor in the correct implementation of any safety solution. We evaluate your machine and record this value for optimal safety equipment integration.

• Risk Assessment
There are many levels of machine safeguarding that can be applied to a machine. Let us conduct a risk assessment on your machine to expose the correct type of safety protection required.

• Safeguard Mounting & Installation
Improperly mounted or installed safety equipment can present a very dangerous situation. Let us mount and install safety devices on your machine for peace of mind that your operators and maintenance personnel are totally protected.