Electrical and Pneumatic Design


Our controls engineering group understands that a good solution starts with a good design. We’ll sit down with you and dive deep into your application for a complete understanding. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need some guidance, tell us your automation and controls needs and we’ll make them happen.

• Electrical and Pneumatic Schematics
All of our panels start with a detailed schematic for a clear understanding of the hardware and connections within. As part of our service offering, we can generate electrical and/or pneumatic schematics for any machine.

• Sequence of Operation Documentation
Understanding machine operations and functions are a vital part of the design process. We help you develop and visualize your machine’s process with clear and concise sequence of operation documentation as part of our comprehensive service offering.

• HMI Layout
Today’s HMIs deliver powerful graphics and advanced functionality. We want your machine’s operators and maintenance personnel to interact with the HMI intuitively with access to everything they need. Let us show you HMI layout tips and tricks to enhance your machine’s operator interface.

• Panel Layout
A cramped panel is a nightmare. An empty panel is a waste. We’ve designed and serviced thousands of control panels. We know what and where equipment needs to be in your custom panel for easy service and maintenance over the life of the machine.

• Bill of Material
Tell us what you want and we’ll provide a detailed bill of material right down to the terminals.

• Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) Calculations
Our panel design team’s highest priority lies in protecting equipment and personnel from hazardous electrical conditions. SCCR calculations are completed for every panel to ensure the highest level of protection for you and your equipment.

• Component Selection
Today’s industrial product offering is expansive. We know what works through years of experience in the industry. We evaluate your application and select only the components you need.

• Servo & Motor Sizing
Inertia ratios, gearboxes, regeneration energy and cycle times are just some of the factors we consider when sizing a servomotor or asynchronous motor for your application. We crunch the numbers to find the right motor for your application.

• Actuator Force & Speed Calculations
Whether it’s a pneumatic actuator or a linear motor, we’ll examine your application and come back with the right actuator to meet performance requirements.