Installation & Integration

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MQ Automation offers many options for installation and integration services at your site. Our dedicated team of controls engineers, technicians and programmers come to your facility with the tools and knowledge to help you get up and running as fast as possible. Our fleet of stock service trucks provides a mobile controls resource for on-demand solutions to many of your automation needs.

We offer a wide range of installation and integration services.

• Electrical & Mechanical Technicians and Programmers
Our team of technicians and programmers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to get your machine running quickly.

• On-demand Service Trucks
Our mobile service trucks are pre-stocked with the most common controls equipment. We will bring the equipment to you.

• Turn-key Solutions
Our installation and integration team provides the final step in your new solution with startup and commissioning services. If you’ve ordered a panel, an aluminum structure, or if you need help integrating a new piece of hardware into your existing application, we’ll be there to see that it’s installed properly and fully operational.

• Electrical Power Drops
Let our electrical and mechanical technicians come out and add new power drops where you need them.

• Control Wiring
Need help with the wiring of new or existing controls equipment? No problem. We come to you with the tools and supplies to make the system work.

• Pneumatic Plumbing
Our team of mechanical technicians can add or replace pneumatics equipment on your machine.

• Networking
We can not only suggest the latest technology, we can also help you through the entire process of interconnecting machinery for high-speed communications, data collection, and other networking tasks.

• Programming
We understand the bits and bytes of machine language. Let our programmers help you program equipment such as PLCs, motion controllers, vision systems, HMIs, and robots. Contact us to learn more about our wide range of programming services.

• Equipment Debug
We take the frustration and time out of the equipment debug process. Our experienced technicians use tools and techniques to get your machine up and running as fast as possible.

• Safety Circuits
Safety circuits don’t have to be complicated to meet today’s machine safety standards. We’ll evaluate your application and provide simple and detailed safety circuit schematics to help you understand what it takes to protect your most valuable asset.

• Industrial Networking
Industrial networking is evolving quickly in the industrial automation arena. We stay abreast of the latest technology to help you select the right network for your machines. From high-speed motion to remote I/O, we’ll help you select the best network for the task.