Application Engineering

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Our team of application engineers can help you with a wide range of industrial automation challenges. They’ve got the knowledge, experience and resources to help you with any application issue.

• Technical Product Support
We provide technical product support before, during, and after you purchase our product(s). From relays to machine controllers, we are here to help.

• Application Evaluation
Sometimes you need to see something work before you buy. Our engineers can provide a proof-of-concept in house or on-site to ensure your product works for the application.

• Vision System & Sensor Evaluation
Our applications lab is configured for advanced Vision System and sensor evaluations. Give us some parts and application details and we’ll come up with a solution that works.

• Programming Support
We are highly trained and skilled in multiple machine languages. Whether it’s a new machine or a change to an existing machine, our application engineers can create the code to make your machine perform.

• Servo & Motor Sizing
Inertia ratios, gearboxes, regeneration energy and cycle times are just some of the factors we consider when sizing a servomotor or asynchronous motor for your application. We crunch the numbers to find the right motor for your application.

• Actuator Sizing
Whether it’s a pneumatic actuator or a linear motor, we’ll discuss your application and come back with the right actuator to meet your application’s needs.

• Quick-start Project Assistance
Shrink the learning curve with our product quick-start sessions. We tailor these sessions to help you get up to speed on our newest and most sophisticated products such as robotics, vision systems, and HMIs.

• Industrial IT Specification
Industrial networks are changing rapidly. We stay on top of these trends to help you select the best network for your application. Security, topology, protocol and hardware selection are just some of the factors we consider when helping you choose the right network.